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Welcome to Melrose

Founded in 1979, Melrose Health has been delivering improved health to its customers for over three decades, by developing natural, delicious and innovative health foods from the best natural and organic ingredients.

We pride ourselves on taking a whole-body health approach to life, and our rich history in the health & wellness space has given us the understanding that it’s as much about taking responsibility for your place in the world as it is about exercise and nutrition.

Melrose Health has built its foundation on these principles, focusing on moral and social responsibility to provide safe and effective natural and organic foods, therapeutic and health products to provide vitality, address deficiencies and maintain whole body health.


We believe that products should be healthy for everyone, including the planet, and that whole-body health is all about taking personal responsibility for living well, with integrity.

Currently stocked across all major health retailers in Australia, our wide range of products encompasses over 140 different varieties & supplements, for unlocking the healthiest you.

We live for healthier people, the world over.