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Organic Hummus

18 Sep, 2017

To put it simply, organic products avoid the use of pesticides, chemicals and GMO ingredients. These nasties can include sewage or sludge-based fertilizers, petroleum and synthetic or bioengineered properties. Many of these chemicals or GMO ingredients have not undergone long-term studies to monitor their effects, which is where alarm bells start to ring.


September is Australian Organic Awareness Month for 2017, which aims to spread the message of the many benefits of choosing certified organic products. At Melrose we are passionate about natural, whole foods and many of our products are certified organic. In the absence of pesticides and harsh chemicals, the nutritional value of food can be significantly higher and this is something we wholeheartedly advocate for.


Many people report what they believe are allergy or intolerance symptoms subsiding after they switch to organic alternatives of particular foods. Typical symptoms can include headaches or skin irritations. Some people have extreme sensitivity to the pesticides used to grow conventional foods and if they stop consuming foods grown with these, their symptoms decline. It only takes a number of days for the body to expel existing chemicals from its system, so why not try it for yourself and see if you can feel the difference.


To get you started, here’s our delicious hummus recipe using some of our favourite organic Melrose products.

What you need:



  1. Wash the chickpeas thoroughly until water runs transparent.
  2. Blend chickpeas and all other ingredients in a food processor until smooth. You may need to stir ingredients by hand several times if the consistency is too thick to blend evenly in the processor. If needed, add a tablespoon of water.
  3. Once blended to the desired consistency, allow the mixture to cool if it has warmed up during processing.
  4. Top with pumpkin seed oil, salt, pepper and extra spices (we recommend caraway seeds and sumac, yum!).


To join us in sharing the message of Australian Organic Awareness Month use the hashtags #AOAM and #MelroseMoment on Instagram and Facebook so we can see the wonderful ways you incorporate organic ingredients and products into your healthy lifestyle.

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