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Mocha Icy Poles

Mocha Icy Poles

14 Jan, 2016

Makes 4




1 cup espresso (or strong plunger) coffee

3 tbsp. Melrose Organic Rice Syrup

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch sea salt

1/2 cup almond milk



  1. Make your coffee - espresso if possible - or a very strong plunger cup of coffee.
  2. Pour hot coffee into a saucepan. Add remaining ingredients. Stir until syrup dissolves.
  3. Pour into icy pole moulds. Chill four hours or overnight.
  4. Run bases under a little hot water before popping icy poles out of moulds. Enjoy!


Recipe thanks to @evieandginger

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